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What is Base64 and What’s Its Usage?

In our 'Base64 Encoder' tool's about section, we went into great detail on what base64 is and how it is used. To sum it up, Base64 is a method for transforming binary data into text or ASCII format. It is safe to convert binary data first to base64 and then send it in areas where it is not permitted, such as when sending emails, saving photos in databases, or uploading files to servers that only take ASCII. Base64 is hence preferred in this situation. Data can be converted back to its original form after being sent through a medium. Base64 Decoders are used to convert or decode data back to its original format. For this reason, the team at created a Base64 Decoder to make it easier for its users to base64 encode and base64 decode their data. This tool's use is very straightforward. Simply enter your base64-encoded data and click the "decode" button to view the decoded data.

What is Base64 Decoder Tool?

The Base64 Decoder from is a simple utility for fast decoding base64-encoded data. What makes the Base64 Decoder from so unique? Other tools are available online, however the majority of them do not support character sets other than English. For instance, they could crash or produce incorrect information if you try to decode non-English base64 encoded data on them. However, the Base64 Decoder from makes sure that your data is accurately encoded. Both our Base64 Encoder and Base64 Decoder are available for testing.

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