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About Online Base64 Decoder

What is Base64 and its usage?

Well what is base64? and its usage we have discussed in detail in our base64 encoder tool about section, link to our base64 encoder is Any way summary of base64 is that its technique of converting binary data to text or ASCII format.Because in some places binary data is not allowed so its safe to convert it first to base64 and then send it like sending mail, storing images in database, uploading files to server which only accept ASCII. So in such case base64 is preferred once data is send over medium on the receiving it can be converted back to its original form, and to convert/decode data back to its original form Base64 Decoders are used. That's why Useotools team designed base64 decoder to facilitate its users so that they can base64 encode and base64 decode their data easily. Usage of useotools base64 decoder is very simple just input your base64 encoded data and click decode button next you will see decoded data.

What is Useotools Base64 Decoder tool?

Well Useotools Base64 Decoder is one click tool that can decode base64 encoded data quickly.So next question may raise in mind that what so special about useotools base64 decoder, well there are other tools on internet but most of them not work with non-English character sets like if you decode non-English base64 encoded data on them they may fail or give your wrong output, but Useotools base64 decoder ensure that your data is decoded correctly. You may test our base64 encoder and decoder , our base64 encoder link is: