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About Beautify JS

What is JavaScript(JS) and Its Usage?

Well its good to know first that what is JavaScript? Well about JavaScript we have talked in detail in our JS Compressor and Minify JS tools which is developed in order to minify JS code, mean when you are going to production its highly recommended that js files are minified or compressed, to speedup webpage speed. Short Summary of what is JavaScript is that its client side scripting language which is used to manipulate DOM , for server interaction , for user input validation etc.

Benefits of Beautifying JS Code?

Well sometime we get hands on minified js code and its hard to understand its working, So its good to beautify it so that it can be read and easily understood.Also on production servers developers mostly keep minified js code so when something went wrong its better to beautify it and understood functionality and trace the bug so that it can be fixed. That's our Useotools team designed this tool to facilitate our users so that can beautify their minified JS code on fly.Another special thing about this tool is that its developed purely in JavaScript which mean it run on 100% on client side mean that no data is sent outside your web browser to any 3rd party server that may expose your code, so to ensure our user privacy this tool work 100% on client side so that our user have never to worry about their code exposure.

What is Useotools Online Beautify JS Tool?

Well Useotools Online Beautify JS Tool is one click tool designed to quickly beautify minified JS code to its original form.Usage of this tool is simple if you have small code just copy and paste it in the code area, however if you have big code then click on blue browse button and select that js file because big code cut copy paste may hang your browser.So once code is pasted in code area or js file is selected then you simply need to press blue Beautify JS button to do its magic :). Once JS code is beautified you can copy it by clicking clipboard icon or you can click save to file download button which will write it to file and download will be trigger it to your side. Js file download by browser display warning message that it may harm your computer which you can totally ignore because this download js file have your js code so its safe and ignore the message :).