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About Beautify JSON

What is JSON and Its Usage?

Well its good to know that what is JSON because we are using it during development a lot. First JSON stands of JavaScript Object Notation, and its method to store information in well organized order.In short we can say that it provide us humanly readable and understandable set of data that can be accessed in logical order.Beside this JSON provide one of the best and mostly used method of communication between server side and client side.As we know on client side mostly JavaScript run so to communicate with server we can easily convert JavaScript objects to JSON and sent to server in text form and on server side which can be converted to desire server language objects and can be parsed easily.So we can say that JSON is great way of data exchange between server and client side scripts. JSON is widely used in web services development where information is exchanged between host and client regularly.

Benefits of Beautifying JSON data?

Well JSON data is mostly compact so its hard to understand it directly by seeing it, so its good to beautify/prettify it for better understanding.Beside this when developer develop web services for their apps they work with JSON mostly so during development they need to debug json outputs a lot to check how host and client are responding to one another so for debugging purpose its better to beautify minified json output to make sure everything is ok.

What is Useotools Online Beautify JSON Tool?

Well Useotools Online Beautify JSON Tool is one click tool that can beautify your json data instantly with a click.Beside this to make sure our user privacy this tool operate 100% on client side, which mean no data is sent outside your browser.Usage of this tool is simple just copy and paste your json data in the text-area and press blue button to beautify it.

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