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What is Broken Links and its effects on website ranking?

Well its good to know first that what are broken links , well to broken links we can also call dead links or 404 links , but most common name is 404 links. So next question arise that what are these 404 links , the answer to it is that 404 links are those links of webpages which not exists mean you visit it and you land no where , when we visit 404 link normally we get response from web server that this webpage 404 not found.

404 links have very bad effect on site ranking in search engines , as we know that search engine crawler when visit webpage it read it and when it find any link in it then crawler visit it , so whenever crawler find 404 links in webpage then it send bad feedback to main search engine that this webpage have that many 404 links, and then its ranking is reduced in search results. So its good to know about 404 links and make sure your site is free of 404 links.

What is Useotools Broken Links Checker tool?

Well Useotools Broken Links Checker is one click tool that scan your website webpage for any 404 links , if it found it will display that how many 404 links are found so that so that they can be removed. Usage of this tool is way simple just input your webpage links and sumbit next our crawler will visit your webpage and will scan it for 404 links and will display results.