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About Discourse Password Hash Generator

What is Discourse?

Discourse is an online application that provides a next-generation discussion community forums solution, mailing list administration, and long-form chat rooms that is completely open source. Its co-founders are Jeff Atwood, Robin Ward, and Sam Saffron, and it was first made public in 2013. It's designed for the next decade of the internet, and it's quite stable and very popular nowadays, with many existing communities switching to it from PhpBB, XenForo, and other platforms. It's more like an all-in-one package with discussion forums, mailing lists, and chat rooms, and it's all 100 percent free and fully open source, and it's hosted on GitHub, where anyone can look at their code and contribute to it. Its backend is written in Ruby, while Rails on the frontend utilizes Ember.js to interface with the Rails API. To store data, PostgreSQL Database is used, and Redis is used for cache and transitory data.

What is Useotools.com Discourse Password Hash Generator?

The Discourse Password Hash Generator from Useotools.com is a one-click online application that can rapidly produce a hash for any password. This tool is extremely beneficial to developers and security penetration testers. Developers can change the login password for admin or normal users straight from the database, bypassing the password reset emails, etc. Security penetration testers occasionally get access to discourse databases, and to demonstrate that they have gained access, they may take over the admin account by simply changing its password, and to change its password, Useotools.com Discourse password hash generator is a very useful tool.

How to use Useotools Discourse Password Hash Generator?

This tool's operation is quite basic. Simply enter the password for which you wish to produce a hash, or click the reload symbol beside the password input area to generate a strong random password for you. After that, you confirm the Google captcha and click the big blue button to produce a hash for you, and you're done; our server will generate a hash for you, which you can copy to the database, and then you can log in using the hash you just generated, and that's all.

How to Support Discourse Password Hash Generator?

If you appreciate this tool, please share it with your friends, and if you find it not functioning or have any recommendations for improvement, please leave a comment or use our Contact Us page to tell us about it, what problems you encountered, how it may be improved, and so on.

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