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What is IP(Internet Protocol)?

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique string of numbers separated by dots like and this IP address represents one user system on a global network. Let’s suppose, if you want to communicate with your friend who is in another country. If he is on the internet, it means he will have a unique IP address and this IP address is used for the communication in order to know his exact location on the web of computers.

What is GEO IP Tracker Tool?

The Geo IP Tracker tool by can track any IP address and collect important information regarding it, like its country, city, regional data, ISP data, latitude and longitude etc. This tool plays a very important role when you are attacked by a hacker or a digital offender, and except from the IP address, you know nothing about that person such as from which country the attack is originating. Here this tool come in handy and can help you in tracking the attacker. Besides, if you want to trace a website’s location, which is harmful or just for educational purposes you want to know more about the website, then you can use this tool. For example, if you want to know about Google that where is Google website being hosted and in which country “” is, then you simply need to input website address like and press the submit button. The same process is applicable to IP tracking too. You just need to input the IP address and press the submit blue button, then in few moments our servers will return its data.

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