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About HTML Encoder

What is Encoding?

Yes, it is beneficial to understand what encoding is as we frequently hear the terms encoders or word encoding. Well, encoding is a technique in which a certain data set is replaced with another data set. For example, in our case, HTML encoding is a process in which special characters like <, >, @, {, } etc. are replaced by a specific escape sequence of characters that browsers are aware of. Browsers understand these escape sequences much better than we humans do, as opposed to these special characters.

What is Online HTML Encoder?

Useotools Online HTML Encoder is a simple utility that instantly encrypts your HTML data. Additionally, in order to protect user privacy, we completely client-side-coded this tool, which means that it won't transfer any of your data to any external servers or, to put it another way, won't send anything outside of your machine. If you'd prefer, you can use this application without an online connection. Simply copy and paste the HTML data you wish to encrypt into the tool's input field, or use the blue browse button to import the HTML file directly, and then press the blue encode button to complete the encoding process. Once HTML data has been encoded, you can copy it by clicking the copy icon, which will copy the data to your system's clipboard, where you can then paste it as needed. Alternatively, you can click the blue "download to file" button at the bottom of the page to download the encoded data to your system for writing to a file. Don't forget to report any problems you encounter on our support forums.

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