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About HTML Encoder

What is Encoding?

Well ya its good to know that what is encoding as we mostly hearing word encoding or encoders. Well encoding is technique in which certain data is replace with another data set like here in our case HTML encoding is process in which special characters like <,>,@,{,} etc are replaced by specail escape sequence of characters that browsers about , like special character "<" symobl will be replaced by "<" escape sequence and ">" will be replaced by ">" and browser understand very well these escape sequences compare to these special characters which we humans understand.

What is Useotools Online HTML Encoder?

Well Useotools Online HTML Encoder is one click tool that will encode your HTML data on fly. Also to keep privacy of our user we have designed this tool to run entirely on client side mean that this tool will not be sending any of your data to any outside server or can say will not send anything outside your computer.Also you can use this tool by disconnecting internet if you want. Usage of this tool is way simple just copy and paste your HTML data that you want to encode or click the blue browse button to load your HTML file directly and press the blue encode button to finish encoding process.Once HTML data is encoded you can copy it by click copy icon which will copy encoded data to your system clipboard then you simple need to paste somewhere on system or there is another option you can click blue button "download to file" it end of page which will download encoded to your system by writing in on file.If you face any issue do not forget to report it on our support forums :).