Invision Power Board(IPB) Password Hash Generator

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About Invision Power Board(IPB) Password Hash Generator

What is Invision Power Board(IPB) and IPB Password Hash?

Well IP.Board also known as Invision Power Board(IPB) in one of the top ranked community forums solution software which was initially created in 2002 by Charles Warner and Matt Mecham.It start it was free software and IPB v1.3 was the latest free version of Invision Power Board and that lead to new project called InvisionFree. After that IP.Board v2.0 was released in 2004 and then IP.Board v3.0 was released in 2009 and then IP.Board v4.0 was released in 2012.IP.Board is mainly developed in php opensource language and use MySQL database. IPB is not just forums software it have other extension which includes IP.Blog,IP.Chat,IP.Gallery,IP.CMS etc. IPB have beautiful advance admin panel with beautiful icons from where you can easily create your forum in minutes easily.To make sure user safety IP.Board use advance encryption to protect its user passwords, mean they are not plain passwords , so sometime admin of forum want to change password for user or for its own account then its not possible to generate that encrypted IP.Board compatible hash by itself , that's why Useotools team felt need of such tool and design this tool to facilitate administrators of IPB communities to generate password hashes whenever they need instantly.

How to use Invision Power Board(IPB) Password Hash Generator?

Usage of this tool is very simple , follow below steps if you are new to it.

  • Enter your password or click refresh icon near input field to generate random password for you.
  • Click generate hash blue big button. > Now you will see output screen presented with hash and salt generated for your password.
  • Copy HASH and paste it in your IP.Board database TABLE_PREFIX_dw_core_members table members_pass_hash column for respective user.
  • Copy SALT and paste it in your IP.Board database TABLE_PREFIX_dw_core_members table members_pass_salt column for respective user.
  • Now try to login with your new password.