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About JS Compressor

What is JavaScript(JS) and Usage?

Well its good to know first that what is JavaScript? and where its is used? Actually JavaScript is scripting language mainly designed for web to offer interactivity to webpages and creation of web applications.It was first implemented by Netscape communication in their Netcsape navigator browser, but later Netscape close its Nestscape Navigator project when their engineers works for 4 years and end no where with Netscape navigator browser. After that Nestscape handover JavaScript to ECMA corporation, which is tell now managing JavaScript standards.So Nowadays you can say that modern JavaScript in based upon ECMAScript Standards and latest version is ECMAScript 2018. Which we are using in our tool also to back old browsers we use Babel compilor which convert next generation JavaScript to ES2015.

Why JavaScript Need to be Compressed?

Well its one of important questions that raise in mind that what is the need of compressing JavaScript Files, well behind it there are a lot of reasons like.

  • Small JS files mean faster download to user end which mean website loading speed in improved.
  • Small JS files also save bandwidth on userend as well as servre side.
  • Compressing multiple JS files into one mean that HTTP requests are reduced which will result less load on server and that mean more visitors can use website it one time and also it improve website loading speed too.
  • Comments and whitspaces in JS code are not required so elimiating comments and whitespaces from JS files will largely reduce file size.

What is Useotools Online JS Compressor?

Well Useotools Online JS Compressor is one clik JavaScript Compression tool designed to provide high compression to JS code.This tool support drag and drop of JS files or you can paste directly you JS code and click Compress JavaScript button to do the magic. By default we use UglifyJS 3 library to minify and compress JavaScript files however if it throw error than use secondary option for compression by ticking ECMAScript 2018 checkbox.