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About JS Compressor

What is JavaScript (JS) and What’s its Usage?

It's important to first understand what JavaScript is and how it's used. Actually, JavaScript is a programming language that was primarily created for the web to allow for the building of online apps and to provide interactivity to web pages. It was initially implemented by Netscape Communications in their Netscape Navigator browser, but after four years of labor and no progress, Netscape Communications stopped its Netscape Navigator project. Following that, Nestscape turned over control of JavaScript to ECMA Corporation, which continues to oversee JavaScript standards today. The most recent version of ECMAScript, which we use in our tool to support older browsers, is ECMAScript 2018, on which modern JavaScript is based. We employ the Babel compiler to translate ES2015 to the most recent version of JavaScript.

Why JavaScript Need to be Compressed?

One of the important questions that may arise in mind is: what is the need of compressing JavaScript files? There are multiple reasons for this. Smaller JS files enable quicker user downloads, which enhances page loading times. Both on the server and client sides, small JS files reduce bandwidth usage. Since fewer HTTP requests are made as a result of combining many JS files into one, the server will be under less strain, allowing more users to access the website at once and speeding up page load times. Since whitespace and comments are not necessary in JS code, removing them from JS files will shrink the file size.

What is Useotools.com Online JS Compressor?

The Online JS Compressor from Useotools.com is a simple JavaScript Compression tool made to offer high compression to JS code. You can paste your JS code directly into this tool, drag and drop it, or use the Compress JavaScript button to perform magic. By default, the UglifyJS 3 library is used to minify and compress JavaScript files; however, if it fails, utilize the ECMAScript 2018 checkbox to use a backup compression method.

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