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What is a Keyword Density Checker?

First, let's define "Keywords Density." It represents the weight of keywords on your webpage; for example, if the keywords "donate" and "SEO" appear 10 times each on your webpage, the density of the keywords is 10. Because search engines arrange webpages into different categories, keyword density can help your site get into a favorable category and bring in good quality advertising. For example, if the keyword "donate" has the highest density, Google and other advertising networks will show charity-related ads on your page.

What is’s Keywords Density Checker?

Since it is difficult to determine keywords density manually, the team at developed a fully automated online application, Keywords Density Checker. It is a free SEO tool that can find keyword density on your webpage in only one click. The application allows you to simply enter the URL of your webpage and receive a report of various keywords and their density with just one click.

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