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What are links and their types?

Links are alpha numeric strings which represent your website and its webpages address. Through these links people visit your website webpages directly and indirectly through search engines. There are two types of links one are internel links and other is external links. So internal links are those links which have connection or can say linked to another webpage on your website or domain, for example your website contact page , about page , support page etc are internal links , Also you can define internal links are those links on which if user click then he is redirected to another webpage of your website , mean he not leave your website. While external links are those links which leads to other websites or domain. External links are also called outgoing links or backlinks to other websites , click on external link can take user from your website to another website. So its good to know how many internal and external link you have on your website , because sometime websites are hacked and then hackers put hidden external links on your website which is taking your website users to other harmuful websites.

What is Useotools Link Analyzer?

Useotools online free Link Analyzer is free seo tools that highlight internal and external links on your website webpage.Usage of this tool is simple just enter your webpage address and then our crawler will scan your webpage and check for all visible and invisible internal and external links and will show your list of it.