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About Link Price Calculator

What does Link Price mean?

Well link price represents link popularity, reputation, rankining and worth that how much one link is valuable. Link Price terminaology is normoally used in advertising world because its the place where it fit best.Like if one link price is high than it mean that your ads on it can bring you huge amount of traffic or can say return will be worth paying for it. So link price also tell you that pay that much for advertising on it not more than that.

What is Useotools Link Price Calculator?

Well Useotools team felt need of a tool that would facilitate its users in finding link price , so Useotools team design tool link price calculator which calculate link price by using a lot of factors like link page rank, its alexa rank, its dmoz ranking, its indexed pages etc , so by analyzing these all factors Useotools link price calculator provide you estimated price of the link.Usage of this tool is simple , you just need to enter link and press submit button and our tool will analyze it and will give you its price.