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What are Web Pages?

Let’s understand the concept of web pages first: what they are and from what they are actually made? Most people do not know this because they only see beautiful web pages with colors, images, text, videos, and more. Webpages are actually made of html, JavaScript, CSS code, and text content. So, it’s better to know that webpages on the backend are way more complex than it looks visually to us on our browsers’ screens.

What is Useotools.com Web page Insights Checker Tool?

Useotools.com Web page Insights Checker is a one-click tool that analyzes your webpage and generates a beautiful graphical report for you with the ratio of content in it; how much it contains html, JavaScript and text. Search engines are mostly interested in Text, so this tool is very useful to check your webpage’s ratio of text to code. In case your webpage has less text, you will know it from graphs generated by this tool and you can update your web page with fresh content, so that it can be ranked by search engines. Besides, this tool also provides you the speed score of the webpage, so you can know how speedee your web page is too. Usage of this tool is simple: just input your webpage address and hit the submit button, in a short while our tool will generate a beautiful graphical report for you.

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