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What is Webpage Source Code?

Well to understand what is webpage source code ? first its good to understand that website consists of a lot of webpages , like when you goto Facebook there you will find a webpage which will show your profile , other webpage will be showing videos , another webpage will be showing posts from your friends and there are tons of more like that. So each webpage which you see that have nice look , beautiful color ,text, videos , pictures etc in it is made of CODE :) ya code. Modern browsers like google chrome , opera , Firefox , internet explorer etc when display you beautiful webpage on screen they get webpage source code from server where the website is hosted then these browsers transform this code into visual seen content.

What is Useotools Webpage Source Code Viewer?

Usetools Webpage source code viewers is one click tool that will get your webpage source code so that you can see what is it the backend of webpage. So here question arise that why i will need webpage source code, well its pretty simple there could be various reasons for it , like sometime you get suspicions of website that its real or not i mean there are a lot of online fraud where you land on fake phishing sites which looks like original site but it will be not and they steal your information so when you get suspicious of site you can find out the truth that its real or fake by viewing source code of that webpage, however such sites have disable source code viewing option so here comes our tool handy to get your source code of webpage. Also if you are web developer and you like something on webpage and you want it on your webpage too , let say you like top hear of one website and you want that beautiful header in your website too then you can use our webpage source code viewer tool to get webpage source code and then you can get of that header or other webpage component which you like and want in your webpage.Usage of this tool is simple you just need to enter webpage address and then submit and our tool will fetch source code of webpage for you.