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What is Webpage Source Code?

To understand the Source Code of a webpage, it is necessary to first recognize that a website is made up of several webpages. When you visit Facebook, you will see a webpage that displays your profile, other webpages that display videos, still another webpage that displays postings from your friends, and so on. As a result, every webpage you see that has a pleasant look, gorgeous color, text, videos, photographs, and other elements is composed of CODE. When you view a beautiful webpage on your screen, modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer obtain the webpage source code from the server where the website is located, and then these browsers turn the code into visual seen content.

What is Webpage Source Code Viewer?

The Webpage Source Code Viewer from is a one-click application that will provide you with your webpage source code so you can examine what's going on in the backend. You might be wondering , why do I need webpage source code in the first place? Well, it's fairly straightforward; there might be a number of different reasons for it, such as doubts from websites about whether it's true or not. There are a number of internet scams where you get on bogus phishing sites that appear to be the genuine thing but aren't, and they take your information. If you're skeptical of a site, you may check if it's real or fake by looking at the source code. However, because such sites have disabled the ability to see source code, we've created a program to let you acquire the source code of a webpage. Also, if you are a web developer and you like something on a webpage and want it on your website as well, for example, if you like the top header of one website and want that beautiful header in your website as well, you can use our webpage source code viewer tool to get the source code for that header or other web page component you like and want in your website. This tool is simple to use: simply input the URL of a webpage and submit, and our tool will retrieve the source code for you.

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