Privacy Checker: Am I safe!

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About Privacy Checker: Am I safe!

What is fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is new way of tracking users over the web like in past companies used to track users over cookies across the web but as the cookies blocking arise then the companies find a new way to track users over the web based on the user system hardware and software configurations, like what browser user have? what fonts he using? what screen resolution her have? what CPU and GPU he or she have? etc from this all information's a fingerprint is created for a user through which he can be identified over web that what he browse over internet what he like and what he not like etc and these based on such information's Advertising companies display Ads to him which fit to his or her interests and big online stores can display products based on his interests to maximize their sells.

What is Useotools Privacy Checker?

Well Useotools Privacy Checker is tool to check and shed some light on the privacy leaks of browsers. That way you will know that what of your info is exposed to outside world and that you should be worried or not about it. This tool is very useful for Penetration testers or hackers as they are always concerned about their privacy and do not want to leave their traces once they do their job. Beside this its also useful for common people that they should be aware that what information about themselves they are exposing to websites. So to avoid such privacy leaks we highly recommend to use good browsers like Firefox and Brave to prevent yourself against fingerprinting. The Firefox is well known against the fight for privacy and its blocking third-party requests to companies that are known to participate in fingerprinting.