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About URL Encoder & Decoder

What is URL Encoding/Decoding?

URL Encoding or Percent Encoding is a technique used to encode URLs with special characters because spaces in the URL must be replaced with special characters, such as ‘+’ or ‘%20.’ For example, if you have text "hello world" and want to encode it, spaces must be replaced with ‘+’ or ‘%20.’ As a result, "hello world" will become "hello%20world" or "hello+world" after encoding. URL Decoding, also known as Percent Decoding, is the process of converting a URL or text into a human-readable format. Let's say you copy a URL from your web browser's address bar; it will logically be encoded, so you'll need to decode it to comprehend it. In this case, Useotools.com's URL Encoder and Decoder tool can help.

What is Useotools.com’s URL Encoder & Decoder?

The online URL Encoder & Decoder from Useotools.com is an automatic tool that can encode and decode URLs or text for you with a single click. Its operation is quite simple: simply paste your URL/text into the text area and press the Submit button to be presented with a report of encoded and decoded data portions.

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