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About URL Encoder & Decoder

What is URL Encoding/Decoding ?

Well URL Encoding or aka Percent Encoding is technique used to encode URL with special characters , because in your URL there might be not allowed characters which need to be replaced with special characters like spaces need to be replaced by %20 let say you have hello world text and you want to encode it spaces are not allowed to it need to be replaced by + or %20 so after encoding hello world will become hello%20world or hello+world. URL Decoding or aka Percent Decoding is about decoding encoding url or text to human readable form, let say you copy url from your web browser address bar and logically it will be encoded so to understand that url you will need to decode it so in such cases Useotools Url Encoder and Decoder tool can help.

What is Useotools URL Encoder & Decoder ?

Useotools online URL Encoder & Decoder is automatic tool which can encode and decode url or text for you it just a click of button , its usage is totally simple , you just need to paste your url/text in text area of tool and press submit button and next you will be it result page where you will be presented with report of Encoding and Decoded Sections of data.