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About Vanilla Forums Password Hash Generator

What is Vanilla Forums?

Well Vanilla is open source product mainly used for setting up lightweight internet forums. Its written in PHP language and backed by popular Garden framework. Vanilla Forums is free for all and amazing thing about it is that its opensource and its very stable now is its been started in 2009 by Vanilla a Canadian company. They offer its cloud version and also free self hosting version.

What is Vanilla Forums Password Hash Generator ?

Vanilla Forums Password Hash Generator is one click tool developed by useotools to facilitate the vanilla community in resetting up their passwords of their forums as sometime admin can forget its forum password and then will be stuck outside and will not be able to login. So in such case this tool is helpful with it you can reset Vanilla v2.x, v3.x and newer version passwords easily. Usage of this tool is very simple you just input desire password and select your vanilla version and click the generate hash button and then next you will be presented with screen containing your password hash and user friendly SQL query too to update the password instantly.