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About vBulletin Password Hash Generator

What is vBulletin and vBulletin Password Hash?

Well vBulletin is comercial affordable and professional community forum solution, it allow easily to create communities where users can start debets, ask questions, answers questions and can express their opinions.vBulletin is created by Jelsoft Enterprises and produced by vBulletin solution since 2000.This big forum script is written in core PHP and user MySQL database server.vBulletin current latest version is vBulletin 5 Connect, before this vBulletin was only forum software , but the latest version vBulliten 5 took major shifts which includes Site Builder,New Search,MVC Architecture,fully Responsive Design,Expanded API,RSS Support and much more.To provide good security to its users unlike other software vBulletin also encrypt user password so that someone cant use passwords even if they get access to database.So sometime adminstrators want to change its password or for its users instanly so in order for quick password change useotools team design this tool that facilite VBulltin form admins to do that.

How to use vBulletin Password Hash Generator?

Well usage of this tool is very simple follow below steps

  • Enter your password or click refresh icon near input field to generate random password for you.
  • Click generate hash blue big button.
  • Now you will see output screen presented with hash and salt generated for your password.
  • Copy HASH and paste it in your vb database user table password column for respective user.
  • Copy SALT and paste it in your vb database user table salt column for respective user.
  • Now try to login with your new password