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About vBulletin Password Hash Generator

What is vBulletin and vBulletin Password Hash?

The commercially available, cost-effective, and expert community forum system is called vBulletin. It makes it simple to establish online communities where users can start discussions, post questions for others to respond, and share their ideas. Jelsoft Enterprises developed vBulletin, which has been generated by vBulletin solution since 2000. This substantial forum software was created using the MySQL database server and the PHP core. The most recent version of vBulletin is vBulletin 5 Connect; prior to this, it was solely forum software. However, vBulletin 5 has undergone significant changes, adding features like Site Builder, New Search, MVC Architecture, fully responsive design, Expanded API, RSS Support, and much more. Unlike other applications, vBulletin also encrypts user passwords to give users good security, preventing unauthorized users from using passwords even if they gain access to the database. Therefore, Useotools team created this application that makes it easier for administrators to change their passwords or the passwords of their users instantly in order to facilitate speedy password changes.

How to Use vBulletin Password Hash Generator?

Well, using this tool is quite easy; just follow these instructions. To generate a random password for you, enter your password or click the refresh symbol next to the input area. Select the big blue Generate hash button. You will now see the output screen with the created hash and salt for your password. Copy HASH and paste it in the password column for the relevant user in your VB database user table. Copy SALT and put it in the salt field for the appropriate user in your VB database user table. Try logging in now with your new password.

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