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What is Useotools Website Analyzer?

The Website Analyzer from is a complete tool that examines and evaluates your website from all angles. Its crawler visits your website and then produces a thorough report on it for you, allowing you to assess what is effective and what needs to be improved. Let's review the contents of the report.

  • Metadata Evaluation: This component of the report contains details on website meta information, such as the meta title, meta description, and keywords. The tool checks the meta data and highlights any problems it finds, such as if the meta description or meta title is too short or too long. This allows you to fix the meta data as it is very important for search engine ranking.
  • Headings Analysis: This component of the report includes an analysis of the headings, such as H1, H2, H3, H4, and H5, that appear on the website. For example, H1 headings are good, but they shouldn't be used excessively. Each page should have one H1 tag, followed by the h2, h3, and h4 headings, etc.
  • Search Engine Review: This section of the report provides an overview of the website in search engine pages, including how it will appear in search engine results.
  • Alt Attribute Analysis: This portion of the report provides a summary of the Alt Attributes that can be found in photos, whether they contain Alt Attributes or not.
  • Keywords Analysis: This component of the report provides an overview of the keywords used on websites and the frequency with which they occur.
  • Keyword Consistency Analysis: This section of the report contains a keyword consistency report that shows how frequently various keywords appear in various site pages.
  • Text/HTML Ratio: This section of the report analyzes the text/html ratio to show how they relate to one another.
  • Domain Registration: This section of the report contains details about the domain name of the website, such as when it was created and when the whois information was updated. Informational details include when it will expire.
  • WHOIS Information: This section of the report contains domain WHOIS information.
  • Mobile View: This section of the report shows how the website will appear on mobile devices.
  • Server IP: This section of the report offers hosting details for the website, such as its IP address and the location of its hosting.
  • Speed recommendations: Based on an analysis of the entire website, this section of the report offers practical recommendations for accelerating website speed plus a lot more.

How to Use Website Analyzer?

Well, using this tool is pretty easy. All you have to do is enter your website's URL, confirm the captcha that appears, and click the submit button. After that, you'll see your website report, which is generated as you look at it and runs in the background as you read the report.


New tool added : SVG Zoom Dimension Calculator.