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What internal and external links mean?

Well first its good to know that what are links, well links are address of webpages that represent identity of webpage, for example if we have to call our friend we will use his name and the same way if we have to visit a friend home we have to follow proper address like city,sector, street and house number. So Internet is big place when we have to goto specfic webpage we use its address which we normally call link. Next there are two types of links one are internal and ther other type is external links. Internal links mean the links which belong to the website, links which represent content of that specfic site.External links mean links which represent external websites mean they are not part of your website these external links can be of google facebook twitter etc rd party sites.

What is Useotools Website Links Count Checker?

Well Useotools Website Links Count Checker is one click tool designed by Useotools team to facilitate its users to scan their websites for internal and external links, so that they are aware of how many links are internal and how many are external, because sometime sites are attacked and attacker silently place malicious links on site which can be harmful to users and also will effect search engine ranking. So its better to know that how many links are external. Usage of this tool is simple you just need to input your website and our tool will scan your website for total number of links which includes internal and external links.