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What is Hosting and How to Choose good hosting?

Well Hosting mean that website files are stored somewhere on high powered computer or web server which are online 24/7 and have high speed uplink and downlink. For better user avilibility of your website its very important that good hosting services are used, because not all hosting companies have lowest downtime and good uplink , so its highly recommended to have website hosting with hosting company which have good record of high uptime and good uplink. Personally i have seen hosting companies who have poor uplink speed which could cause problems not all users will reach to your site because due to low uplink speed website content cant be served to large volume of users.

To choose good hosting for your website you can first read reviews of hosting companies that what others says about it or you can search for hosting companies benchmarks that how their servers are like in benchmarks you will see their I/O speed , up link and down link speed. Another easy way of finding good hosting company for your website is that if you came across website which is popular and always up and then you may desire that i wish my website is hosted there too then in such situations Useotools tool aka "who is hosting this" comes handy because it will tell where the particular site is hosted then you will know about its hosting company and then by using google you will be able to find that hosting company website where you can purchase their services

What is Useotools Who is Hosting this?

Useotools Who is Hosting this tool is one click tool which will find hosting service provider behind the website. Hosting importance we discussed above that why hosting selection is important? Usage of this tool is way simple you just need to enter website address / domain name and then press submit button and after that our tool will find hosting provider of that website for you.