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About WordPress Salts Generator

What are WordPress Salts?

Well WordPress Salts are group of security keys used by WordPress engine to provide security to the user website. These WordPress salts are more like extra passwords for your site which is impossible to guess for hackers. So we have question that how WordPress salts works and why they are important? to answer the question consider this example of login to admin panel. So when you login to your WordPress admin panel through your username and password it that time WordPress generate unique session keys by hashing your password with these salts and they are saved in your browser cookies so that you can login automatically into admin panel without typing username password every time. So sometime user got hacked and hacker get its hand on user browser cookies. These stolen cookies can be used by hacker to login into your WordPress site. So in such case where you noticed that someone else have login into your WordPress admin panel then it mean two cases we have, one is that someone else got your username and password and have used it to login into your WordPress site and there other possibility is that someone malicious actor have stolen your browser cookies somehow due to which he have got access to your website. So the solution for first case is simple that you just change your password of your user account, and solution of the 2nd case where we have cookies stolen you will need to change your WordPress salts which is easy just copy salts generated by this tool and open your WordPress website wp-config.php file and replace the salts with these new salts and save it. Now the stolen cookies are useless hacker will not be able to login into your WordPress sites with them.

Screenshot: How to change salts in wp-config.php