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What are WordPress Salts?

WordPress Salts are a collection of security keys used by the WordPress engine to secure the user's website. These WordPress salts are more like extra passwords for your site that hackers cannot guess. you might be wondering how WordPress salts operate and why they're significant. Consider this example of logging into the admin panel to answer the question. So, when you login to your WordPress admin panel with your username and password, WordPress generates unique session keys by hashing your password with these salts and saves them in your browser cookies, allowing you to login automatically without having to type your username and password every time.

So, every now and then, a user's browser cookies are compromised by a hacker. A hacker could use these stolen cookies to log into your WordPress site. So, if you notice that someone else has logged into your WordPress admin panel, there are two possibilities: one is that someone else obtained your username and password and used it to login into your WordPress site, and the other is that a malicious actor stole your browser cookies and used them to gain access to your website. So the solution for first case is simple that you just change your password of your user account. Solution for the second case where we have stolen cookies, you will need to change your WordPress salts; which is easy, just copy salts generated by this tool and open your WordPress website wp-config.php file and replace the salts with these new salts and save it. Hackers will no longer be able to connect to your WordPress sites using the stolen cookies.

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