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About XenForo Password Hash Generator

What is XenForo and XenForo Password Hash?

XenForo is a new and well-known commercial internet forum tool that is driven by the well-liked Zend PHP framework and written mostly in the php programming web language. Former key developers of the vBulletin forum, Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan, founded the Xenforo project. In October 2010 the first public beta version was released, and on March 8, 2011 the stable Xenforo v1.0 version followed. Over the course of time, many improvements were made, and the most recent stable version is 2.0.2. With its customization options, integrated SEO system, human readable urls, and abundance of add-ons, Xenforo is incredibly user-friendly. In short, Xenforo is new software that is rapidly gaining popularity. Its social engagement element involves earning trophies, and it also has easily editable HTML and CSS.

Xenforo uses strong encryptions like sha1, sha256, bcrypt, etc. to give its users class A security. So that an attacker won't be able to utilize the passwords if they gain access to the Xenforo forum database. Binary-formatted encrypted passwords are kept by Xenforo in a mysql database. Useotools team designed this application to assist admins to rapidly change their password for change password of their user anytime they need it click. Sometimes administrators forget their passwords of their forums and it's hard to change password.

How to Use XenForo Password Hash Generator?

This tool's use is fairly straightforward. If you're using this tool for the first time, follow the steps.

  • First Find out what version of the Xenforo forum you are using is; it may be v1 or v2.
  • Enter the password you want to use in the box provided, or use the refresh icon on the left side to have a strong random password generated for you.
  • If you have Xenforo version 2, pick the new hash #3 option in the checkbox. If you are unsure of your Xenforo version, check the first legacy hash type.
  • Verify the captcha by clicking on it.
  • Then press the blue button marked "Generate Hash."
  • You can see the created hash now, and a SQL query will be offered to you. Take a copy of the SQL command and run it in your database viewer, such as phpmyadmin, etc.
  • Your password has probably been changed by now, so try logging in with the new one.
  • Run this query to flash login attempts if you encounter an error message about too many login attempts: TRUNCATE TABLE xf_login_attempt.

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