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What is Virus and AVG Antivirus?

Well its good to know about viruses that what are they? and how they are dangerous? Well virus are malicious programs or scripts that can infect your website or computer and so as result your computer will not work properly or can your personal information will be exposed to outside world with it. So like computers hackers can also target websites because websites spread virus quickly and so as attackers get access to website users computers. let suppose you have online shop and it get infected by malware and then it will effect your user who came there to buy products , and when they buy product their computers are get infected because of infected website so their important bank information , credit cards information may fall into hands of hackers which can easily sell this credit card data in black market or transfer money from the victm accounts.

Well AVG Antivirus is antivirus prodcut made by AVG company to hunt down viruses. So if you scan your website with AVG antivirus it will tell you that your website is safe or infected so that proper measures are taken against it.

What is Useotools AVG Antivirus Checker?

Useotools AVG Antivirus is one click tool that will scan your website with AVG Antivirus and will check that its safe and clean or its get infected by malware's. Usage of this tool is very simple you just need to enter your website domain and press submit button and it will check site for malware's.