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About Beautify CSV

What is CSV and What’s Its Usage?

It's wise to first understand what csv files are as well as how they are employed. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values in reality. When transferring data between different platforms, CSV format makes it simple. For example, if you have data in Excel and want to send it to a MySQL database, you can't do so directly because MySQL doesn't understand the rows and columns of Excel spread sheets. Instead, you must first export the data to a comma-separated value (.csv) format, from which MySQL engine can easily import data. As a result, csv can also be used in other tools, such as Google Maps. For example, if you have a large excel sheet with location coordinates and want to display them on a map, you can't input the file in its original format into Google Maps because it uses JavaScript. Instead, you must convert the excel file to csv, which Google Maps can then use to display the locations.

What is Online Beautify CSV Tool?

Well If you want to make rapid modification to your csv data, use the Online Beautify CSV Tool from It only requires one click. Let's imagine you exported a large amount of plotted data from Google Maps or another application to a csv file. Because the csv files are in a minified format, they are difficult to read. team created a tool to beautify csv minified data to address this issue and make it easier to understand and modify without having to import it into an editing program like Excel. The tool's use is straightforward; you can either copy and paste your csv data or use the browse option to find and pick your csv file. If your csv file is large, be patient as the beautification process may take some time. Following that, you can either directly copy the well formatted csv data or save it to a file by choosing the download to file button.

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