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About Beautify CSV

What is CSV and Its Usage?

Well its good to know first that what are csv file? and for what purposes they are used. Actually CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. CSV format provide easy way of data exchange between different platforms, let say if you have data in excel and you want to say it to MySQL database, then you cant directly import excel data to MySQL database because MySQL do not understand rows columns styles we see in excel spreed sheets, so to export it to MySQL first it should be exported to csv format then it can be imported easily to MySQL database , because csv is comma separated values from which MySQL engine easily understand rows and columns. so like that csv can be used in other tools too like google maps, let say you have big excel sheet which have locations coordinates and you want to show them on map so you cant input excel format to google maps which is working on JavaScript therefor first it need to be converted to csv and then csv data can be read by google maps to display locations.

What is Useotools Online Beautify CSV Tool?

Well Useotools Online Beautify CSV Tool is one click tool that can beautify your csv data if you want to modify it directly , let say you have a lot of plotted data on google maps or other application and you exported it to csv , so exported csv are in minified format they are not easy to understand , so Useotools team design tool that can beautify csv minified data, so that it can be understood easily and modified easily without importing to excel like software for editing.Usage of this tool is simple you can copy and paste your csv data or you can click browse button and select your csv file and then click Beautify csv blue button to beautify, however it will take some time so be patient if your csv file is big. After that you can save it to file by clicking download to file button or can directly copy beautified csv data.