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About Class C IP Checker

What is a Class C IP address?

First and foremost, let’s discuss IP address classifications. IP addresses are divided into 5 categories: A, B, C, D, and E. Class A IP address range runs from 0 to 127; they are special and highly costly, primarily acquired by major firms like Google, Yahoo, IBM, Microsoft and others. These are usually very hard to locate to be purchased. Class B IP addresses range from 128 to 191; these are mainly utilized by medium size business organizations. Class C IP addresses range from 192 to 233 and these are inexpensive and used by small organizations such as for web hosting and multiplayer gaming servers and more. The Class D IP address range is from 224 to 239; while being set aside for multicast addressing, they are not utilized in the public domain. The Class E IP address range extends from 240 to 255, and these are only used for academic and research purposes in the private sector.

What is Class C IP Checker?

The Class C IP checker on is a one-click tool that examines your class C IP address and the number of other websites using it. Since, on occasions, having the same IP address used by several websites may have an impact on search engine rankings. For instance, if a good website shares an IP address with a bad website that is blacklisted by directories and has poor search engine rankings, the rating of the good website would be affected. Knowing who is using the IP address is thus preferable. It's quite easy to use this tool; simply enter your website's domain name to see how many other sites are using it.

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