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About Class C IP Checker

What is Class C IP address?

Well first its good to know about IP classes , IP address are divided into 4 categories A B C D E. Class A ip address range is from 0 to 127 they are special and very expensive mostly they are purchased by big comapneis like google yahoo ibm microsoft etc and they are very hard to find to be purchased.Class B ip address range is from 128 to 191, they are mostly used by medium size companies. Class C ip address range is from 192 to 233 and they are cheap and used by small comapnies like for webhosting and multiplayer game servers etc. Class D ip address range is from 224 to 239 they are not used in public domain although they are reserved for multicast addressing. Class E ip address range is from 240 to 255 , they are not used in public sector and they are reserved for education scientific studies.

What is Useotools Class C IP Checker?

Useotools Class C IP checker is one click tool that check your class IP address that how many other websites are using it, because sometime when same ip address when shared by multiple website it can effect ranking in search engines, let say there is one bad website which is blacklisted by directories and also badly ranked by search engines so if another good site is using the same ip address then its ranking will be effected. So its better to know who is using the IP address. Usage of this tool is way simple just input your site domain and we will check that its used by how many other sites.