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About Hex Decoder

What is HEX and its Usage?

Well Hex actually mean hexadecimal numbering system which is also base-16 or in short words just hex. Hexadecimal numbering system actually use 16 different symbols to represent one value and those symbols are 0-9 to represent zero to nine values, and to represent ten to fifteen values A,B,C,D,E,F symbols are used.Hex is mostly used in computers programs to represent error codes and values.For example blue screen of death :) you may have seen it on windows computers and you may have seen there errors and memory values represented in Hex format.Beside this Hex is widely used in webpages for color coding purpose.

Hex is widely use by computer programers because there values are shorter than decimal or binary format, for example if we have hex value E8A201 then in decimal it would be 15245825 and in binary it would be 111010001010001000000001. That's why hex is used because its shorter, it take less space in memory.

What is Useotools Hex Decoder?

Useotools Hex Decoder is one click tool that can decode your hex data back to readable format. Because its hard to decode large hex data manually so we have designed tool that could automate the process.As always to maintain our user privacy this tool works 100% on client end, which mean no data is sent for decoding outside your computer. Usage of this tool is simple just copy and paste your hex data and click decode button. if you have hex file you can also load hex file directly into it by clicking browse button.

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