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What is Domain Age and Its Importance?

Well its good to understand domain age and its importance, domain age is actually age of one domain , its just like human age , like new baby born then its age start counting in years,months,days.So like that domain age start counting when domain is registered for first time on internet.Also domain age place key important role in seo the older the domain the better search engines rank it and also its high probility that it will have large number of backlinks too. So its good to looks for old domain and register them and one thing should be noted that old domains are sold it high price :).

What is Useotools Domain Age Checker?

Useotools online Domain Age Checker is free seo tool designed by Useotools team that findout domain age it one click. Usage of this tool is extremely simple , you just input domain name in the tool and press get domain age blue button then next you will be on page with actual age of that domain :).