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What is Domain Age and What is its Importance?

Let's start with a basic understanding of Domain Age and its significance. Domain age is the age of a domain, similar to human age. When a child is born, for example, its age is measured in days, months, and years. When a domain is registered for the first time on the internet, the age of the domain begins to count. In SEO, domain age is very important; the older the domain, the higher the search engines rank it, and the more likely it is to have a significant number of backlinks. So it's a good idea to hunt for the oldest domains and register them, but keep in mind that the oldest domains are expensive.

What is’s Domain Age Checker?

The online Domain Age Checker is a free SEO tool created by the team at that determines the age of a domain with just one click. This tool is really simple to use: simply enter the domain’s URL and press the blue Get Domain Age button. And there's the age of the domain.

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