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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority?

Well Domain Authroity mean value of domain that how much that domain is valuable, so domain authority score is awarded to one domain it scale of 1 to 100. It was first designed by Moz organization to tell that how one website is ranked among search engines.Domain Authority scores are widely used on sites where domain are sold and purchased its on way of comparing website to another. So the high the score the better it is.

What is Useotools Domain Authority tool?

Useotools team felt a need of their own custom domain authority checker so they made tool which use various factors to calculate domain authority score. Our tool can provide Domain Authority score of 20 domains it one, which mean you can compare 20 domains scores it one time. Usage of this tool is simple you just need to input single domain or multiple domains and then press submit button, then in short period of time our server will calculate scores and display result to you. If you find out your domain authority score low you can improve it by adding quality content to your site and also through high quality backlinks. Score improvement also need patience because it not improve within days because domain authority score also depend on domain age, the older the domain the higher it get score.