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What is Domain Blacklisting?

Blacklisting a domain or a website indicates that it is participating in spam activities. Because of this, search engines and other online directories ignore the site and do not index its material; if the site is indexed, deindexing begins, as blacklists indicate that the site's image has declined.

What is Domain Blacklist Checker?

The online Domain Blacklist Checker from is a one-click application that checks your domain in a variety of web directories and search engine blacklist databases to see if it's clean or blacklisted. It's risky to have your site blacklisted, as this will result in de-indexing and reduced traffic from these web directories and search engines. As a result, it's usually difficult to track and check the state of a site, as well as how other online directories and search engines see it. To address this problem, the team created a tool that allows users to see whether their site is on the whitelist or blacklist of search engines.

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