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What is domain blacklisting?

Domain or website blacklisting means that website is involved in spam activites. Due to which search engines and other web directories ingore the site and not index its content and if its site is indexed then deindexing starts , because blacklist mean that image of site is now bad.

What is Useotools Domain Blacklist Checker?

Useotools online Domain Blacklist Checker is one click tool that check your domain in various web directories and search engine blacklist databases, that its is clean or blacklisted by them , because its dangerous for site to be blacklisted which will cause de-indexing and low traffic from these web directories and search engines. So normally its hard to track and check site status that how other web directories and search engines looking to it is difficult , so Useotools team designed a tool which could facilite its users so that they are aware of their sites status that its in white-list or blacklist of search engines.