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About Google Cache Checker

What is Google Cache and why its important?

Well first its good to know that what is google cache. As you know that google is one big giant search engine and we use it to search for information we type on word and google display tons of results , so ever you wondered how google is doing that? Answer is simple google crawl webpages and then cache it on its server and when we type a something in google for which we are searching , google take that word and match through its stored cache of all webpages of website which it have crawled and this storage of google where it store webage copies is called Google Cache.

Checking your webpage in google cache is very important because google always rank fresh content in its searches, and time to time we add fresh content to our website but question is how we know that google have crawled our website page or not yet? the answer to it is google cache , you search your webpage in google cache if its there then it mean google have crawled it but there is one thing more when google have crawled? sometime we update out webpage content and we want new content to be appear in google searches , so for this we need to check google cache time on which its taken, so its good to know that currently google have old webpage of your site or new one , if its old one you can ping google crawler to visit your webpage and make new cache of it.

What is Useotools Google Cache Checker tool?

Useotools Google Cache Checker is one click tool that check your webpage inside google cache database that it exists or not and if it exist that when it was cached. Usage of this tool is very simple you just input your webpage address and submit , our tool will check each webpage in google cache database , and will display results to you.