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About Hex Encoder

What is HEX ,its Usage and Hex Encoding?

Well about Hex that what is hex and where its used, we did pretty good discussion inside our hex decoder tool (https://www.useotools.com/decode-hex). However to just for reminder we can say that hex means hexadecimal numbering system or base-16 in simple words.So here we will talk about hex encoding that how its done? As we know that hex is also know as base-16 because there are 16 different symbols in it and they are 0-9 figures which are used to represent zero to nine values and then we have A-F alphabets, so to represent ten to fifteen values A,B,C,D,E,F symbols are used.

What is Useotools Hex Encoder?

Useotools Hex Encoder is one click tool that can Encode your data or entire file to hex.As we know that its tough job to encode data to hex manually so we design this tool to make the process automatic and faster.Usage of this tool is simple just copy and paste your data and click encode button , by default data will be encoded with space after each character so if you want to change the format of encoding simply click the "red change out format (default space)" link then you will see input area where by default its set to %"x ", which mean after each character give space so if you want to change the format let say you want dot after each character then you can set it like "%x.", also if you want to duplicate the character then you can do it like "%x%x" etc.This tool also accept direct file input so if you have big file and you want to encode then click Browse button on top and select your file and then click encode button.

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