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About htaccess URL Rewriter

What is .htaccess file?

.htaccess file is configuration file used on apache web servers, its contains various kinds of rules on which Apahce can act accordingly , like url rewriting , password on directories, webpages redirection etc. htaccess is powerful thing however writing its rules is difficult of begginers, let say if you have some complex url which you want to be short and search engine friendly then htaccess can be used for that by defining rules for that url or kind of webpages.

What is Useotools htaccess URL Rewriter?

Well useotools htaccess URL rewriter is advance tool developed by useotools team in order to facilitate users to utilize power of htaccess rules, As i already mentioned for beginners its hard to write htaccess rules by themselves so our tool can make htaccess rules writing easy for you. Usage of this tool is very simple, you just need to input your web url which you want to rewrite to search engine friendly beautiful url and then press submit button and you will get htaccess file code which you copy and paste in your htaccess file on web server.