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About HTML Compressor

What is Hypertext Markup Language(HTML)?

Well its good to know that what is HTML although you are familiar with HTML coding, actually HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and its one of the standard markup language to create web pages and web apps.HTML define layout for browser that how content need to be displayed like its location that it should be on head or bottom or sides of web pages.Alone HTML is static to give it life JavaScript is used beside it to make it dynamic also alone HTML is not beautiful and not attractive so to make webpages attractive we use Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) along it.

Why HTML Need to be Compressed?

Well as we know that normally HTML files are bulky large in size, which results in downgrading website loading speed, because if html size is large it will take more time to load on user end, beside this it will also consume more bandwidth of user as well as server.So too boost webpage loading speed its highly recommended to compress webpages so that they become light and quickly sent to user end for loading, which will save server bandwidth and user end bandwidth.

What is Useotools Online HTML Compressor?

Useotools Online HTML Compressor is one click tool which will compress your html code by removing spaces, unnecessary tags,comments etc. Our tool tool run it user end, which mean it will not send your html code to our server or any 3rd party server.It use JavaScript to do the compression so that our user can compress their html code without worrying about leaking of their original uncompressed html code.Usage of this tool is very simple just input your html code and press blue compress html button to compress it after that you can use the copy icon near blue button to copy your compress html code, if you want to see your uncompressed html code then click undo button.