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About HTML Compressor

What is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)?

Even though you are comfortable with HTML coding, it is still a good idea to understand what HTML is. Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML as it is commonly known, is one of the markup languages used to generate web pages and web applications. HTML specifies the layout for browsers, including where content should be placed on web pages—whether at the top, bottom, or sides. HTML by itself is static, therefore JavaScript is used alongside it to make it dynamic. HTML by itself is also unattractive, so to make web pages appealing, we employ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) alongside it.

Why HTML Need to be Compressed?

As we all know, HTML files are often extremely large in size, which slows down the speed at which a website loads because a large HTML file takes longer to load on the user's end and uses more server and user bandwidth. Compressing web pages to make them lighter and faster to send to the user's end for loading is therefore strongly advised to increase webpage loading speed. This will save both server and user bandwidth.

What is Useotools Online HTML Compressor?

With only one click, Useotools Online HTML Compressor will reduce the size of your HTML code by deleting spaces, pointless tags, unnecessary comments, etc. Our program runs on the user's computer, therefore it won't send your HTML code to either our server or any server owned by a third party. It performs the compression using JavaScript so that our user can compress their HTML code without worrying about the original, uncompressed HTML code leaking out. It's quite easy to use this tool; simply enter your HTML code, press the blue "Compress HTML" button, and then copy it using the copy icon next to the blue button. Click the "undo" button to view your HTML code as it is currently uncompressed.

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