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What is Base64?

First thing first, what is Base64 actually? Base64 is a method or a technique through which binary data is converted into text ASCII (American Standard for Information Interchange). The next question arises: why do we need to convert binary data to ASCII? In certain cases, we need this binary to ASCII conversion because some mediums only support ASCII and do not allow binary for some reasons. To bypass it then we encode our data to Base64 so that it can be sent through this medium, such as email messages on MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) and XML(Extensible Markup Language) data.

What is Image to Base64 Converter?

You may convert images to Base64 format with the Image to Base64 online free converter tool. This program offers a range of image input options, including upload on click, drag and drop, pasting image from clipboard using CTRL + V shortcuts, and remote image uploading, which requires you to provide the image URL, which is then converted to Base64. The output is in three formats: Data URI, image tag (which may be directly utilized in html web pages), and CSS format (which can be used in CSS files to embed images). One thing to keep in mind is that Base64 encoded images are around 30% larger in size than the original image.

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