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About Joomla Password Hash Generator

What is Joomla and Joomla Password Hash?

The open source CMS (content management system) engine Joomla is widely used to build online applications. Because of its popularity and versatility, Joomla has won numerous honors. A sizable and vibrant developer community supports Joomla. Due to its large user base, thousands of free extensions are available that extend the functionality of Joomla and can be installed with a single click from the built-in plugin manager inside the Joomla admin panel.

Joomla is not constrained in any way, allowing you to create any type of website in less time. Next, it's crucial to know that Joomla stores user passwords in highly encrypted hashes for security reasons, preventing hackers from accessing user accounts even if they gain access to the database. However, sometimes developers forget their passwords or the email reset feature doesn't function, in which case they need to immediately add a new hash to the database for the new password and this hash can't be generated manually, which is why created this fantastic tool.

What is Joomla Password Hash Generator?

With only one click, the Joomla Password Hash Generator from can produce a password hash that is compatible with the Joomla CMS right away. Simply paste or type your desired password into the input box and choose "Algo" to use this feature. In essence, Joomla updated its password hashing algorithm in version 3.2.2; so, if you are using Joomla 3.2.2 or later, choose New hash ALGO; nevertheless, if you are using an older version, choose Legacy hash ALGO. The most recent version of Joomla supports legacy hashing ALGO, so you can use it there as well. However, whenever you log in to your Joomla account, Joomla will automatically update your legacy hash to the most recent hash. Then, after clicking the produce hash button, either manually copy the hash by selecting it or automatically copy it to the system clipboard by clicking the copy icon nearby.

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