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About Joomla Password Hash Generator

What is Joomla and Joomla Password Hash?

Joomla is very popular open source CMS(content management system) engine, which is used to create web applications. Joomla is quite popular for its extensibility due to which it have won various awards. Joomla is backed by big and active developers community. Joomla is not limited in anyway , with it you can create any type of website in less time and due to is large community thousands of free extension are available which extend Joomla functionality and they can be installed it a click from built-in plugin manager inside Joomla admin panel. Next its important to know that Joomla for security reasons store its user passwords in highly encrypted hashes, so that if hackers get their hands on database they will not be able to login to user accounts. But sometime developers forget their passwords or reset email option not work like you not getting password reset link in email, so to change password quickly they need to add new hash to database for the new password and this hash cant be generated manually, due to which Useotools come up with this amazing tool.

What is Useotools Joomla Password Hash Generator?

Useotools Joomla Password Hash Generator is one click tool that can generate Joomla CMS compatible password hash instantly. Usage of this tool is very simple just paste or enter your desire password in input box and then select Algo. Basically Joomla in its version 3.2.2 changed its password hashing algorithm so if you are using Joomla version above 3.2.2 then select New hash ALGO option but if you are using old Joomla version then use Legacy hashing ALGO option. Legacy hashing ALGO is supported in the latest version of Joomla so you can use Legacy hashing ALGO too on your latest version of Joomla but once you login to your Joomla account then Joomla will automatically update this legacy hash to new hash. And finally click generate hash button , then copy hash manually be selecting it or click copy icon near it which will automatically copy it to your system clipboard.

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