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What are Keywords?

Keywords are small phrases used by search engines to carry search requests through its database. If you type "online shopping" into Google, for instance, it will search through its database for websites that allow for online shopping and return results including Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and others. Therefore, when it comes to searching, keywords are crucial. When Google's spider scans a webpage, it extracts the keywords and content from it and sends it back to its database. When users conduct searches, these keywords are then compared to one another.

What is Keywords GeneratorTool?

The Keywords Generator on is a one-click tool that will scan the content of your webpage and produce the best potential keywords for it. As a result, it might be quite highly ranked in search engine results. The tool's use is quite straightforward: simply enter your website address, and our website spider will examine the content of your webpage and produce keywords for you. You can copy these keywords and paste them in the meta headers for your website's top keywords.

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