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What is Mozrank?

Mozrank discusses the popularity and significance of links. It symbolizes the importance of links in the eyes of search engines. Mozrank is awarded to websites based on the quality of their content and other pages that are connected to them. On a scale of 1 to 10, Mozrank is present. The higher the score, the better, as it indicates that your website is well-known among search engines. The excellent thing about Mozrank is that it's updated on a regular basis, so if it's increasing, it's fantastic for the site; if it's decreasing, you may need to work on your site and add quality content. Normally, a site's Mozrank drops owing to a lack of fresh, quality content.

What is the’s Mozrank Checker?

The Mozrank Checker on is a free online one-click tool for determining Mozrank, Page Authority Score (PAS), and Domain Authority Score (DAS). This tool is incredibly easy to use: simply enter your URL and click the Submit button, and you will see the results page.

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