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About phpBB3 Password Hash Generator

What is phpBB and phpBB Password Hash?

phpBB is a free, open-source forum program that was created in PHP. It offers a number of features that may or may not be included in other commercial forums. The software is supported by a large, creative community, and it has a fantastic, easy-to-use admin interface from which you can quickly personalize your forum. Additionally, it includes a fully functional installer, allowing anyone to install it and set up their ideal forum site. Additionally, phpBB provides excellent security; as a result, phpBB keeps the passwords of its users in a safe hash format. So that if a security breach ever occurs and an attacker has access to the database, he will not be able to log into user accounts. But occasionally, an admin or user will forget their admin panel password and be unable to access the admin section of their website. To address this issue, the Useotools team developed a program that could generate phpBB compliant password hashes for admins to use.

What is phpBB Password Hash Generator?

The phpBB Password Hash Generator from is a simple utility that creates password hashes that are compatible with phpBB. Simply enter your desired password into the input form to have its hash generated, or click the refresh button next to the input field to have a random, complicated, high-strength password generated for you instantaneously. After you submit your entry, the generated hash and password will both be displayed. After entering the hash into the user tables in the phpBB site database and deleting your browser's cookies, you can log in.

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