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About phpBB3 Password Hash Generator

What is PHPBB and PHPBB Password Hash?

Well PHPBB is very popular free opensource forum software developed in php. It provides variety of functionality which exist or may not exist in other commercial forums software is powered by big talented community, it have amazing simple admin panel from which you customize your forum within minutes , it also comes with full featured installer so anybody can install it and can setup its desire forum site.Beside this PHPBB offer very good security, and for this reason PHPBB stores its users passwords in secure hash form. So that if someday security break occur and attack get access to database then he will not be able to login into user accounts. But sometime admin or user forget their admin panel password so he cant get into his site admin panel , so to solve such problems useotools team come up with tool which could generate PHPBB compatible password hashes so that admins can utilize it.

What is Useotools PHPBB Password Hash Generator?

Useotools PHPBB Password Hash Generator is one click tool that can generate PHPBB compatible password hash. Usage of this tool is very simple just input your desire password whose hash you would like to be generated or simply click the refresh button near input field to generate random complex good strength password for you instantly then submit it , next you will see generated hash and also password will be displayed too that hash is generated for that password.After that you can enter that hash in your PHPBB site database user tables , and clear you browsers cookies and you will be login.

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