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About ROT13 Encoder & Decoder

What is ROT13?

Ya we hearing ROT13 word a lot so its good to know that what is ROT13? well as we know that there are 26 alphabets (a-z). So ROT13 ciphering mean to replace every alphabet in sentence with next 13th alphabet like if we have to cipher "abc" with rot13 then we will get "nop" because after a the 13th character is n and after b its o and after c it will be p. The ROT13 is use mostly over intrnet for fun to encrypt silly joke etc with it, and then send to one another.

What is Useotools ROT13 Tool?

Well Useotools ROT13 is fun tool with which you can entertain your friends or can entertain yourself by deciphering their encrypted jokes they send to you. Mean with this tool you can cipher data through not only just ROT13 which is by default used by this tool but to make it more interesting and make it harder for your friends you can use variety of ROT operations starting from ROT1 to ROT25.Usage of this tool is very simple just copy paste data which you want to cipher or decipher and then from drop down select options select ROT operation, by default ROT13 is selected however you can choose differnet operations to make the game more interesting. Beside this you can load entire file which you want to encrypt/decrypt by ROT algorithm to load file simply click Browse blue button it top and then click submit after that you can download file by clicking download as button or can directly copy encrypted/decoded from the text area.