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About Server Status Checker

What does one Server/Website Status mean?

Well Server/Website status mean that its ok or not , from ok i mean that its running and its working well , from not ok i mean that server/website can be offline or can not be running correctly. So to understand server/website is running well or not for that on web we have special codes which server return when you ask him how are you? then server can send code back, i will explain these codes in detail below.

  • 200 OK mean that request was successful and server have send back requested data.
  • 301 Moved Permanently means that content is moved permanently and future request will be directed to new location.
  • 307 Temporary Redirect means that request should be fullfilled with another url however in future the same url may be used.
  • 400 Bad Request means that server cant process the request is the server not understand it , it can be due to unsupported encryption or frame size.
  • 401 Unauthorized means server have blocked access to content which require authenication and user have not provided authenication.
  • 403 Forbidden means that the server will not show you the content, regardless of authentication.
  • 404 Not Found mean that the content you requested not exists from start or no longer exist , user can get 404 response when content from webpage is deleted.
  • 410 Gone mean that request content is not avilaible anymore , users get 410 when webpage content is deleted by webmaster intentionally.
  • 500 Internal Server Error means that something bad is happened it server side so server cant full fill request, it can happen when error occur it site script.

What is Online Server/Website Status Checker ?

Useotools Online Server/Website Status Checker is one click tool that will check webpage and will display you return http code sent by server. Then you can check that code against the above codes we explained above. The usage of this tool is very simple you just need to input webpage url and press submit our server will send request to the webpage and will get back to you with respnse sent by that server.