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About Simple Machines Forum Password Hash Generator

What is Simple Machines Forum (SMF) ?

Simple Machines Forum aka SMF is one of the popular free professional grade open source software package that allows you to setup your own community within few minutes. SMF is written in the most popular web language PHP and uses MySQL database, SMF is very stable software because its backed by big online community.

What is Simple Machines Forum Password Hash Generator ?

Well Useotools Simple Machines Forum password hash generator is one click tool that can generate passwords hash for SMF boards, as sometime users or admin forget their password and unable to login into its account then with this tool user password can be reset instantly without going through web password reset forms and email verifications etc. Usage of this tool is very simple you just need to input username of the SMF member for whom you want to reset password and enter the desire password which you want to set for the user and that's all then click Generate New Hash button and then your password hash will be generate with pre backed SQL query which you can execute to update the password or manually copy and paste the hash in passwd field of smf_members database table.