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What is Web Page Size?

The size of a web page represents the amount of content it contains. The smaller the webpage size, the better. The size of a webpage determines how quickly it loads. The page will load faster if the page size is small, which would impress the users. They will enjoy how quickly the website loads but if the page size is enormous, the page will load slowly, prompting users to feel unsatisfied and abandon the site before it even loads. As a result, a smaller and faster-loading webpage is desirable.

What is Useotools.com’s Web Page Size Checker?

The Webpage Size Checker from Useotools.com is a one-click application that will check the size of your internet page in seconds. This tool is very easy to use: simply enter your website URL and press the Submit button, and the Useotools.com server will fetch your website and calculate its size and loading speed for you, allowing you to tweak it if the page size is large. The size and performance of a webpage can be improved in a variety of ways, such as by minimizing asset requests from servers. For example, if your site has 10 icons on a webpage, instead of sending 10 requests to the server for these icons, it's better to create sprites of these icons and get these icons in one request. Similarly, other assets such as css and js files should be minified to reduce their size and also placed in a single file so that they are served via single request.

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