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What is a Mobile Friendly Website and What’s its Importance?

The term "mobile friendly" refers to a website that can be seen efficiently on tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices. Because the majority of people nowadays use tablets, smart phones, and other smart gadgets rather than computers, it's better if a website is mobile friendly or has a mobile version so that users on their mobile phones or tablets can view the site clearly. In order to reach the majority of users, smartphone users cannot be ignored. As a result, you should check your website's mobile version on a regular basis whether it's OK, and if it isn't, you should make your website's webpages mobile friendly. In comparison to non-mobile friendly websites, search engines prefer and rank mobile friendly websites higher. When search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo detect a website that isn't mobile friendly, they may de-index it.

What is’s Website Mobile Friendly Tester?

The Website Mobile Friendly Tester from is an online tool that allows users to assess the responsiveness of their webpages in a variety of screen resolutions with a single click. This tool is quite simple to use: simply type in a web page URL, select a resolution from the drop-down menu, and press the Submit button, and our tool will render the website in that resolution, allowing you to see how it looks at that screen size.

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