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About Website Mobile Friendly Tester

What is Mobile Friendly Website and its Importance?

Mobile Friendly Website mean that it can be viewed beautifully on tablets, mobile phones and other smart gadgets, so its better that website is mobile friendly or have mobile version of website so that users on their mobile phones or tablets can view site clearly , because nowadays majority of people use tablets, smart phones and other smart gadgets than computers so to reach your website content to majority of user , smartphones users can not be ingored therefore it should be checked periodically that website mobile version is ok if not then make your website webpages mobile friendly. Mobile Friendly sites are liked and ranked better by search engines compare to non mobile friendly websites. Searcg giants like google , bing and yahoo may de index website when they found it non mobile friendly.

What is Useotools Website Mobile Friendly Tester?

Useotools Website Mobile Friendly Tester is online tool designed by usetools team to facilitate users that they can check their webpages responsiveness it different resolutions it one click it one place , because you may have one or two mobile phones and you will check your website on them but it should be noted that there are a lot of mobile phones in market which have different resolutions so Useotools team designed tool where its user can check their website responsive it different resolutions easily. Usage of this tool is way simple just type in webpage url and select resolution from the list and press submit button then our tool will render website it that specific resolution and then you will know that how it looks it that screen size?