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About Webpage Speed Checker

What is Webpage Speed and its Importance?

Well webpage speed actually mean that how fast your webpage is loading that its slow or fast , because heavy webpages and unprofessionally created webpages will take more time to load. If webpage is taking more time to load then its not good for site ranking in search engines also for its users , because time is money user will not wait for site to load in minutes they will leave before it load fully. So it should be understood that webpage speed is very important factor every webmaster should be aware of it , because it can effect your viewers and also search engine ranking.

What is Useotools Webpage Speed Checker?

Useotools Webpage Speed Checker is one click tool that will crawl your website and will calculate its loading speed , so that webmaster can be aware of its website speed and then approporiate measure webmaste can take to make his website loading faster. Usage of this tool is simple ,just enter website or webpage url whose loading speed you want to check and then press blue submit button and next in few moments our tool will calculate its loading speed for you.

What to boost website speed?

So incase your website loading speed is slow and you want to make it faster you can do it by considering the following options.

  • Reduce/minimize HTTP/HTTPS requests. This can be done by mergine multiple requests to single , like instead of requesting icons of your site request them in single request.
  • Minimize server response time. This can be done by moving your hosting to some good company which provide good uplink and SSD on their hosting servers.
  • Use Compression. If site assets like css js etc are compressed then it can increase site speed too.
  • Enable site caching. Caching can also increase site loading speed and also can save your server resources as with every request it will have not get data from database.