What is My IP Address?

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What is an IP Address?

To begin, it's important to understand what an IP address is. An IP address is a unique series of digits separated by periods that identifies a computer on a network. Because each IP address represents a computer on a network in a certain region, these IP addresses are categorized into several classes, which are then divided into blocks, which are subsequently sold to ISPs (internet service providers) in different countries.

What is Useotools.com’s ‘What is My IP Address’ Tool?

The team at Useotools.com has created this amazing premium quality free tool to find out information regarding your IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and location. It will find your IP address and other information about it, such as ISP name, country, country code, region, city, latitude and longitude. Your location is also shown on a Google map. This application is simple to use; anytime you visit it, it will automatically detect your IP address and show vital information about it.

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