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What are Backlinks?

So this is important question that what are backlinks? this will question will come to mind of people who have no idea of backlinks but still hearing of backlink word from your friends, in blog posts about seo tips etc.Well to undestand backlinks concept first split the word itself which will be back and links, mean two words so backlink mean that your website url is listed in other website, to clear confusion let say you have website and if this url is listed in other website like , etc any other website then it mean you have backlink and you can say that other website have link with your website.

Benefits of Backlinks?

Backlinks Play key role in SEO , you can say that backlinks are like backbone when it comes to SEO. So the more backlinks you have the more your site well be ranked among search engines like google, yahoo, yandex, bing etc. So the better ranking of your site in search engines mean it will appear in the top pages of search engine which will result more traffic to your site. Beside this your webpages will be indexed more quickly in search engines. So now you can understand that how important are backlinks :).

What is Useotools Backlink Maker?

Useotool back link maker is the most advance backlinker on web.It can make back links for you it one click , because its hard to make back links manually. Useotools back links database is updated time to time. So what are you waiting for just input your website URL in above input field and press the button to start the action :).