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About Beautify CSS

What are Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)?

Well what are Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)? and its usage we have discussed in detail in our Minify CSS tool about section, link to our Minify CSS is just for reminder CSS are set of rules which define outlook of any webpage, i mean you can see colorful beautiful webpages that heart touching looks of webpages all result of CSS.

Why Beautify CSS?

Well this is very good question that what is the need of beautifying CSS.Well mostly we get minified CSS with templates or if we buy any template then it one point this template will be using minified 3rd party css framework. So if we want to make changes in CSS then it must be formated properly i mean it should be beautified so that it can be understood and it can be changed according to our needs. Let suppose we buy theme which have blue color and we interested in green color then proper way is to search for its CSS files, pretiffy them and then change class paroperties to green color.

What is Useotools Online Beautify CSS Tool?

Useotools online Beautify CSS Tool is one click tool that will instantly beautify your messy/minified CSS. Usage of this tool is simple open your minified css file in any text editor in your computer press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy all CSS in one go and then paste it in our tool input section and press blue Beautify CSS button. Once its beautified you can press small clipboard icon near the blue Beautify CSS button this will copy beautified CSS to your computer clipboard and then you simply press Ctrl+V in editor to paste beautified css. if you want to get your old minified css you can press undo button near the blue Beautify CSS button on our tool page.