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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What is Code to Text Ratio and its Importance?

Well first its good to know that what code to text ratio mean in first place. Well code to text ratio mean that on one webpage how much is code and how much is text. Code to text ratio maters a lot it play key role in site ranking among search engines because search engine loves unique text they always hunt unique text , so if their is webpage on which text is less and code is much that its not good , on search engines positon of this webpage will be effected, so its better that one webmaster is aware of his website code to text ratio. If ratio is less it can be improved by adding more content or can say description to that webpage that what is on webpage? and what is the webpage about?

What is Useotools Code to Text Ratio Checker?

Useotools Code to Text Ratio Checker is one click tool that will find out code to text ratio of your webpage so that it can be improved if its bad. Usage of this tool is way simple just input your webpage URL and press blue submit button , and in few seconds our tool will process and will get back to you with ratio results.