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What is Code to Text Ratio and What is its Importance?

What exactly does the code to text ratio mean? Code to text ratio refers to the proportion of code to text on a given webpage. The ratio of code to text is crucial. Because search engines like unique text, it is important for website ranking. They are always looking for original material, so if a website has too much code or not enough text, it will affect how well it ranks in search engine results. It's preferable if a webmaster is aware of the proportion of text to code on his website.If the ratio is lower, it can be raised by adding additional material or by providing a description of the website's contents and subject matter.

What is Code to Text Ratio Checker?

The Code to Text Ratio Checker on is a simple tool that will determine your webpage's code to text ratio and let you know if it needs to be changed. The tool is quite easy to use: simply enter the URL of your website and hit the blue submit button, and our tool will process it and return the results of the text to code ratio in a short amount of time.

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