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About Drupal Password Hash Generator

What is Drupal and Drupal Password Hash?

Well unlike joomla and wordpress, drupal is also well known powerful opensource CMS(content Management System). It's one of most stable CMS framework written in php and was initially released on January 15 2000 and currently in 2018 its stable released version is 8.4.2.Drupal provides excellent security and it is very flexible and modular.To Provide maximum security drupal store user passwords in hashes means it not store them in plain text. Its possible that some you may forget your drupal password or your site user forget it and you want to change them directly and instantly then its possible by generating drupal password hash and replace it within drupal database user table.However manually drupal password hash generation is not possible so Useotools team design this amazing one click tool that can generate drupal password hash instantly.

What is Useotools Drupal Password Hash Generator?

Useotools Drupal Password Hash Generator is one click tool that facilitate our users so that they can generate drupal hashes instantly.Usage of this tool is very simple just input your password whose hash you want to generate or simply click the refresh icon near input field and it will generate strong random password for you then you select your drupal version.If you have drupal old version below v6 then select Legacy hash option and if you are using latest drupal version then select New Hash option which will ensure that generated hash is based on new algo of drupal 8 and above versions.


Useful Tip: Drupal 7 and 8 do not read users_field_data table directly , so when you change password hash , make sure you flush the cache like 
DELETE FROM cache_entity WHERE cid = 'values:user:1';
truncate table cache_entity

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